Cyber Security


Our end to end cyber security solutions covers:

a. Threat prevention, monitoring and removal service

b. Anti-malware monitoring of your application and infrastructure 

c. Penetration testing to discover possible vulnerabilities in your local and cloud infrastructure 

d. Development and implementation of strong security policies on your web and mobile infrastructure

e. Strong Web Application Firewall solutions to protect your web and mobile applications

f. Using our partner solutions, we provide fully managed DNS service to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and speed of your website


Cyber AI

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we are able to detect threats well in advance before they cause harm to your network. This solution provides a 360 degree visibility of your enterprise network through real-time detection and automated remediation. 


We go a step further by protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). We are working with government security agencies to provide the much needed protection for national infrastructure by monitoring enterprise and industrial networks including large scale plant machinery and machine networks. 


Being a major cloud solution provider, it is also our responsibility to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is safe and secure. Using partner’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, we are able to detect threats in any cloud environment (Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure) and protect organisation’s critical information infrastructure. 

Why not try our award winning solutions and money-back guaranteed products and services in securing your assets from cyber threats. Contact Kazeem on +2348061200000 or to discuss how we can work with you to achieve your cyber security goals and objectives.